The window market is very heterogenous, and REHAU window manufacturers face competitors with lower quality materials and labour costs. Emphasizing strict control of production and quality under the Authorized Partner Program, REHAU aims to offer a certified platform, easy-to-find and easy-to-configure, in order to facilitate the meeting between best producers and their customers.

As this technical platform will expand in the future, other REHAU window profile producers will evaluate the benefits of becoming certified as Authorized Partners, so we proposed that the client create a brand in order to communicate clearly and distinctly to the market all these particularities. FENSTERRA was the chosen name for the platform, from German and Latin root words (Fenster + terra) and the first web platform was developed on

As communication will be mostly online, a series of three kinetic text videos were developed, with different background music, as intro to the website. The videos explain how the platform works, adapted to the audience’s mood: relaxed (Blue Danube waltz by Johann Strauss II), active (the same waltz remastered by Silent Strike, a famous Romanian contemporary musician) and optimistic (a polka song background). This kinetic communication method was enlisted to amplify the richness of the information. Polka video was broadcast on TV, alternating with the Geneo TVC.

Links to were placed in other forms of communication, both on and off-line.