2014 is the 50th anniversay of the brand Immergas. This year will mark the first fully automated production line: Victrix TT being the first completely robot-built boiler. This is a real milestone in Immergas history, and the final customer advantage is obvious: high performing products at lower costs. According to the brief, we had to find a key background to communicate to the market this new product, a platform able to allow continuity with the last three years of Immergas communication, and also to permit further promotion of other new products like the high-performance boilers from the Victrix Pro family.

As budgets were limited, much lower than the main competitors, we decided to propose a dynamic, adaptive key background image for Immergas under which all other products could be promoted. Radiant circles from the Immergas logo were reinterpreted in the heated Immergas red color to warm-up and make the attitude of the brand more friendly. A TV campaign, online video, newsletters and increasing point-of-sales visibility were the main components.
Within this project we launched the first edition of IMMERJAZZ – “Future heat & wine jazz”.